Bathroom. Actual decisions made.

As some of you may know, I’m not so great at making decisions. Thinking, analysing, considering, researching, fretting, these things I excel at. Decision, and there fore the ending of the afore mentioned activities, are hard for me and stress me out. Mainly because I’m terrified of making the WRONG decision and that I will not be able to live with that mistake. This issue is more pronounced when you are making decisions you can’t changes easily, like, I don’t know, A BATHROOM or TWO!?

Anyhooo… Decisions have been made and frankly, I’m pretty impressed by my ability to do it sans panic attack and with a great sensation of satisfaction upon completion. 

En suite. 

First some inspiration. I wanted something that had a sense of space as we have a long room to fill. I wanted something with space for me to personalize it with things I love, vintage things, flowers, a lovely chair, whatever. The image below was one of the first ones I saw with the idea of an off centred basin. It’s a great way of getting more bench space while still being beautiful.

Ages ago, Carol and I found a most magnificent table in a shop outside of Geelong, for the grand sum of $70 it was mine. I don’t have a photo as it’s stored under a bunch of other stuff. It is 6ft long and 60cm deep. It has lovely turned legs. I am going to strip it back to the wood and put a marble top on it. It will then have a gorgeous basin on top with taps on the wall. See the plan below…

WIth these taps…

And this basin…

The cabinet will be inset into the wall above the basin and there will be a simple light box style light above the cabinet. The cabinet will have several power plugs inside the cabinet itself so we can have the hair dryer plugged in and the all important tooth brushes. I have some great vignettes in mind for the space next to the basin.. it will be beautiful. 

Kids bathroom.

The kids bathroom is going to be fun. I wanted something that didn’t have too much bench space, as they will just fill it with small messy bottles of stuff. I wanted the floor easy to clean, so no pedestals. I wanted them to both have their own space. Some inspiration below…

Ok, ok, I know there are quite a few pedestals in there. But you won’t believe how hard it is to find a large basin that is just a wall basin! They are either tiny or insanely expensive. I found one design that was neither and also lovely. Below the plan. We have the toilet on the left and the shower over the bath on the right…

The kids will each have a 750x750mm in wall cabinet with a light above it and a double power cord. The taps on the wall make for easy cleaning as the basin in just one simple shape then. Oh, the basin, just look at this…

How lovely is that?! I’m thrilled with them, got a great price too as they are being discontinued. Fools. Taps the same as the en suite bathroom.

What do you think?

I’m pretty happy with all my decisions. The best thing is I’ve ordered everything so when the tradie is standing there asking for minute detail I can give it with confidence!

Lots happening this week, more photos of progress soon.



I have been planing this build for over a year now. I have been telling myself all along that all the choosing and deciding and searching for inspiration was FUN. 

I have recently realised that it really isn’t and hasn’t been. I find it stressful because I find making decisions and sticking to a single look really hard. I’m a graphic designer, my job is to morph myself into the needs of my clients and reproduce a thousand different looks and feels. It’s then really hard to figure out what I want.

The build is getting closer every day and my stress is increasing having to make decisions, very final decisions quickly. I’m finding that really hard and stressful.

So, I decided to call on a good friend of mine, Simone, who not only has amazingly good taste but is very good at pulling out my taste and helping me to make decisions that reflect what I really like. She also has some time over the next month or so to walk through all the issues that are still not resolved.

Already she has come up with amazing thoughts with the kitchen and the pool, after only one meeting!

I’m feeling very grateful for this help and really looking forward to things starting!

Watch this space.