Oven(s) finally…

Well, it’s been a looong time coming, many ocd days and nights trying to get to the right solution. After seeing pretty much every single oven option, from $1200-$12000, I realised a few things about the stove market right now.

1. There is no such thing as a good wok burner. 18mj output is the max you can get, it will put you in the $5000+ stove range. However a good pro wok burner starts at 30-50mj output. We have one, but it’s for outside. SO. I will be cooking wok stuff outside. I can deal with that, also cuts back on the grot factor.

2. Names mean nothing. It’s like cars, people say a BMW is better than a Ford, but they will actually both get you there, just maybe nicer seats and fancier knobs. I was horrified by the reviews of Ilve brand stoves, people who own them seem to hate them. The Choice mag brand survey had them at the bottom in terms of customer satisfaction and reliability. However their ovens are tiny, like, really small inside, and for the $6k ticket price you get only a 2 year guarantee. The features are all pretty much the same across the board. Don’t get sucked in by ‘European quality’ it’s bull. I couldn’t find ONE brand (other than Miele which is out of my price range) that had consistently good reviews over an extended period.

3. There is no such thing as retail. I was never asked to pay retail. I was told, “Well, it’s a $6500 oven, but we will give it to you for $3890.” and variations of that all the time. The reality is it IS a $3890 oven, the retail price is made up, no one pays it.

4. Even the $12000 oven was nothing special in terms of actual features. Sure it looked great, but the features are the same as an oven a third of the price.

5. Priorities, not fashion. I wanted the look of a stove. But I wanted flexibility in how I cook. I wanted heaps of oven space and I didn’t want to buy a new range hood. I had to look at my priorities, and change the style to fit.

SO! Enough ranting. I decided after discovering that NOT ONE of the uber expensive brands of stoves would actually FIT my uber expensive Scanpan roasting trays, I needed a new plan. I have decided on two 60cm wide ovens, this will allow me to have a savory oven, the one with the self cleaning, and a sweets oven. I can then team it with a really well designed cooktop. We will make the benchtop around the cooktop stainless only to meet the width of the two ovens side by side. Then extend the range hood cladding to meet the new width, allowing for two lights either side of the range. Sounds complicated, I’ll post a layout drawing later.

I found two lovely ovens at DJs that were floor stock, so got a very good price, but top of the range Electrolux and a stove top that matched. I can get two ovens and a cook top for LESS than those silly European stoves that never work. So. Much. Better. Plus I get an extended warrantee from DJ’s. Also, Electrolux is made in Adelaide…!! I’m thrilled.